Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Little Bird Told Me ...

A little bird told me ... it's the start of Spring (almost) and the birds are as happy as we are. So we thought it appropriate to have birds as our March Featured Product.

bird |b…ôrd| • noun • a warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrate distinguished by the possession of feathers, wings and a beak, and (typically) by being able to fly. 

Birds seem to have fascinated man right from the start. Maybe it is their ability to fly. Or their beautiful plumage, especially of the males in mating season.  Or could it be that they are soooooo cute!

And birds have found a place in many of our favorite colloquialisms:
birds of a feather flock together
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush 
the birds and the bees
kill two birds with one stone
a little bird told me

We recently came across these fantastic folk art birds made of reclaimed wood, tin and such.  These are made just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and clearly come from the imagination and hand of an artistic person.
Folk art birds ($59.95 each)

Feathery bird ornaments are a happy sight all year 'round. These little white ones are just a sample of the colors and styles that we have available.
Ornamental birds (from $8.95 each)

Hand crafted wreath with bird on nest (from $29.95)

We have paper birds (decorative paper, tags, die cuts, notebooks), bird figurines, bird ribbon (check out the new wide birds on burlap!), paperweights, wall hangings, and more. And don't forget bird jewelry! Here's a small gallery of our offerings.

Decorative papers (starting at $4.50 per sheet)

Bird tags, labels and sticky notes (from $14.95 each)

Bird dish ($35.95), Bird nest vase ($13.95), Hand-made bird box ($17.95), Folk art bird on the line ($59.95)

Folk art metal sandpipers ($64.95 & $84.95)

Bird paperweight ($44.95)

Burlap bird wired ribbon 4" wide ($4.95 per yard)

Folk art Party Chicks wooden wall plaque ($49.95)

Birds, birdhouses and beach accents.
Audubon bird prints ($18.00 each)

Rustic bird nests and houses on branch ($7.95 each)

Tiny bird cages ($9.95 each); "Love" bird ($7.95 each)
Coro Bird of Paradise Duette Double Clip Brooch from 1940s ($245)
Girl with Basket and Bird (One only - inquire)

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