Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bookbinding Kit

Have you ever thought about making your own bound book from scratch? Here is your chance. In the spirit of handmade wares and a near-forgotten craft, this bookbinding kit not only offers a journal to fill with words and scribblings, but also teaches the art of bookbinding by hand.

The kit includes: 1 length of thread, 1 bookbinder's needle, 2 linen binding tapes, 10 4-page signatures (40 pages), 1 instruction booklet and 1 sheet of illustrated steps printed upon vintage paper which also serves as the inside wrapping. Final book measures 4-1/2 inches tall by 3 inches wide.

Glue is not included, but wheat paste is easily created by combining one part flour to four parts of hot water. Bleached flour is best to use. The sewing process of bookbinding is the first step to master in making a sound book and there is a nice video available below to illustrate how to make this book. 

We have these kits in stock priced at $32.95 each.



Saturday, March 8, 2014

Handmade Leather Mini-Books, Necklaces and Key Chains

You know how I love miniatures ... and miniature books in particular. I was blown away by these little leather books made in Philadelphia, all by hand using reclaimed materials.

The artisans explain their books in this way: These miniature books are made using archival insides and vintage outsides. Inside you'll find line-free strathmore drawing paper - thick, hand-torn and hand-stitched acid-free pages that work perfectly with ink, pens both thick and superfine, pencil, charcoal and myriad other mediums. The book's covers are made using handpicked scraps and worn leather, cut to fit the appropriate size. The leather has been bartered from farms in Ecuador, ripped from old chairs in Holland, taken from boots and shoes and saddles and bags and wallets, and found in abandoned houses across the United States. They are scavenged from dumpsters and flea markets and yard sales all over the world and every book is made by hand, so no book will ever have an exact duplicate.

This is a tiny artist book, perfect for the detailed renderer or the writer of very short stories. Each journal comes completely blank, awaiting your imaginative entries. They are hand bound and covered in reclaimed leather. Size: 1 1/4" high x 1" wide with 42 sheets (84 pages). Priced at $49.95 each.

The book necklaces and key chains are also made from the same materials and they hang from either a 19” long gunmetal chain or a brass key chain. The books are just as usable as the one that is not on a chain. We have these in two book sizes: a small, 5/8" high book with 30 sheets (60 pages), priced at $49.95 each, and a medium, 7/8" high book with 42 sheets (84 pages), priced at $52.95 each.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spice Tin Angels

Remember those old spice tins? They were cool ... and now they are gone! But creative folk artists have been resurrecting them in a variety of creative ways ... reincarnating this little tin cans as the centerpiece in various folk art pieces. We found these little spice tin angels with ruler legs, wooden wings and spice tin bodies all held together by hand twisted wire. Simply fantastic!

We have these little hand made masterpieces priced at $79.95 each. Get them while they last!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Creative Inspirational Metal Art by Jendala

We just received our first shipment of these wonderful metal art pieces that are created by Northern California metal artist Jennifer Utsch. She envisioned Jendala art from her strong belief that there is a connection between creativity, the environment and universal growth. These inspiring pieces are handcrafted locally from salvaged and reclaimed materials. Jennifer: "I design and create all my products using the hand torch. All metal is reclaimed, mostly from sheet metal and steel cans. I then paint and assemble each piece with beads and bells selected from sustainable cooperatives in India and Indonesia."

We fell for these wonderful ornaments, magnet boards and key chains because of their wonderful colors, rustic shapes and inspirational messages. Hope you love them too!

Key Chains • $9.95 each

Affirmation Chimes and Ornament Bells from $14.95 each

Meow & Woof! Key Chains, Ornament Bells and Magnet Boards

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Inlaid Wood Money Clips and Card Holders

Just in! These superbly crafted money clips and business card holders from a New England studio. We love the warmth and sooth texture of finely crafted hardwood pieces. Priced at $49.95 each, these are perfect for the man in your life ... or just get one for yourself! Why not? As Susan's old boss had on his license plate: "IOIT2ME"!

The artists maintain a studio in a small Rhode Island town. Working out of a nineteenth century mill overlooking Dorset Mill Pond, they utilize the beauty of their surroundings to create objects that are simple yet elegant in design. Their woodcrafts are both serviceable and handsome. With minimal care, they can be appreciated for years to come. The hallmark of their work is its combination of artistic expression and utilitarian design. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Whimsical Dog and Cats Ceramics

Elias Ceramics out of Salem Oregon makes these wonderful, whimsical WhiskerKins bowls, mugs and dishes. Each these are handmade and hand painted. Every one of these canines and felines are full of character ... and maybe a bit of mischief as well. Can you resist these lovable faces?

These are not just for pets, as they are perfect for your wake-up coffee, morning cereal or afternoon snack. The bowls, mugs and plates can also be customized to celebrate your favorite "best friend."
Small Bowls (24.95) and Mugs ($24.95)
Small Bowls (24.95), Medium Bowls (29.95), Plates ($29.95), Saucers ($12.95) and Mugs ($24.95)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Handcrafted Clay Pendants by Susan

Susan has been creating these wonderful pendants using clay. She decorates them with a variety of found objects, glitter, gold and silver leaf, rhinestones, and die cut words of wisdom.

These are all hand made, one-of-a-kind pendants and are priced starting at $12.95. These all come with coordinating ribbon or cord (your choice) and are presented in an organza bag or jewelry gift box (again, your choice). Come on in and check these out.

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