Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Arrivals from Cindy Teyro

We just received a fresh selection of planters, bowls and stemware from The Teryos Collection. As usual, these whimsical handcrafted pottery pieces are just precious! Right now these new arrivals are just available here in our Los Gatos shop, but will be added to the online selection as time allows. You can inquire about these pieces from the photos below and we will be happy to send you more info, pricing, etc.
Our Teyros Collection
 Back row: Moonie, Daisy Bug, Edward & Stella (all $92.00 each)
Front row: Hannah Rose, Fey Rose & Mini Mooner (all $75.00 each)

 Back row are 2-piece planters: Ophelia Rose, Moonette & Poppy (all $125.00 each)
Front row: Mini Daisy Bug & Frenchie (all $75.00 each)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Whimsical Hand Crafted Clocks

Just in! These whimsical clocks are from Paper Wings Studio, an artist in Vancouver, Washington. He creates these wonderful, fantastical images and uses them in clocks, plaques and more. We love the clocks, so we decided to bring them into Vintages.  We now have a nice selection to choose from. These battery operated clocks vary in size and can hang on the wall or sit on a surface using an optional clock stand.
The clocks are $36.95 each. The optional stands are $1.95 each.

These are available in our shop in Los Gatos and online. We are currently stocking just one of each design, but Paper Wings Studio will ship quickly if you need a design that is out of stock.
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