Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Aquamarine & Bloodstone: March's Birthstones

March is one of the months where the traditional and modern birthstones are different. The modern birthstone for March is aquamarine, that beautiful sea-blue gemstone which is a member of the beryl family (as is emerald).  Aquamarine, named for the Latin phrase water of the sea, shows off lovely shades of blue, from sky-blue to sea-blue. It is a versatile stone and is cut into many shapes and used in a wide variety of jewelry. This is a gorgeous gemstone for that lucky March baby.
Beautiful Modernist Aquamarine ring set in 14K gold ($195)

Bloodstone, the traditional birthstone of March, is a dark green chalcedony with  specks of red jasper. (Chalcedony is a crystalline form of quartz.) Bloodstone, which is also known as heliotrope, got its name from the belief that it was a stone from below the cross of Christ, whose blood dropped upon it. Bloodstone is said to help with physical endurance and strength, so is often considered a man's gemstone as a result. It is often mixed with other forms of agate or quartz in necklaces, and is used with Scottish agate in traditional Scottish jewelry. 
Edwardian Sterling Silver horn-shaped earrings from Birmingham, England (1905), with Bloodstone caps (SOLD)

Stone bead necklace, with a variety of agate and quartz beads, including bloodstone ($65)

We only have these few pieces of jewelry (above) with these stones here at Vintages, but I have included some archival photos to give you a feel for the beauty of these two birthstones. 
Fantasy dragonfly pendant with aquamarine stone

Over-the-top Art Deco pendant with diamonds & aquamarines

Large aquamarine stone surrounded by diamonds

Victorian watch fob with a bloodstone center

Traditional Scottish jewelry

Arts & Crafts ring with a bloodstone set in gold

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