Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cindy Teyro: Whimsical Character Planters, Bowls and Stems from the Teyros Collection

Hand sculpted stem bowls from the Teyros Collection
Cindy Teyro hand sculpts these whimsical character pieces in her Southern California studio. Each bowl, planter and vase is hand formed without the use of molds, so each whimsical piece is created one at a time. The planters, vases and goblets are formed into heads with faces that are given individual personalities. They are then embellished with flowers, leaves and various flying critters

After a twenty year career as a doll designer specializing in product development, Cindy decided it was time for a new adventure. While playing in clay for several weeks, her style of table ware art emerged ... Alice in Wonderland meets Dr. Seuss. Inspirations have come from everywhere. Cindy's  philosophy is very simple: Love what you do, do what you love and trust your crazy ideas

We have a quite a few planters, bowls and stems from the Teyros Collection in our shop, that are also available online. Prices range from $75 to $125 each, depending on size and complexity. Cindy has named all of her pieces - Edward, Stella, Poppy Laurel, Mini Bea, ... Each piece is signed and numbered, as these are limited editions with a total of 100 pieces to be made of each design. Even though there will be a hundred Edwards, each hand made stem will be different in shape, color and detail.
Sunny Flower and Poppy Laurel planters
Moonette planter and Mini Bea stem bowl
Ophelia Rose planter

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