Friday, December 31, 2010

Magnifying Glasses

Desk Set $69.95
These aren't just your Dad's magnifiers. We have a large selection of magnifying glasses, including some nice sets for the desktop. These are great gifts because they are decorative as well as useful. Stamp collectors, entomologists, librarians, autograph hounds, miniature book collectors, cartographers, and just folks who need help seeing all use magnifying glasses.  We have bone and horn handled magnifiers, lenses with vintage beads to hang like a necklace, and desk sets as well.
Magnifiers L to R: $43.95 • $32.95 • $43.95
Letter Opener & Magnifier Set $49.95 • Compasses $23.95 to $26.95 each
Telescope in Box $43.95
Magnifier, Compass & Telescope in Box $75.95
Magnifying Glasses $32.95 each
These smaller Magnifiers are easy to hold $43.95 each
Unique Optical Lens Magnifiers with Vintage Beads & Ribbon $19.95 each
Limoges Porcelain Box with Magnifier on Book $212.00
This Magnifying Glass has a Hand Carved Horn Fish Handle $39.95
Some of these are available online, but most are only available in the shop. But feel free to contact us about any of these, as we can ship anywhere for you.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stocking Stuffers & Little Somethings

It's that time of year. While it's fun to surprise someone with a "perfect" gift, I really enjoy finding that "little something" that fits in the Christmas stocking. We try to have lots of little gifts that truly fit that concept - small, different and wonderful. At Vintages you can spend around $5 for a decorative tweezers or a package of beads. Or you can splurge on a pair of diamond earrings or a Victorian brooch. Have it your way ... we'll supply the inspiration, you make the choice.

Here are some of the stocking stuffers we have available, and there's more in the shop, so come on over.
Hand sewn angels, snowmen and Santas (Starting at $21.95)
Vintage Bracelets (From $24.00)
Hanging Pillow Sachets ($9.95) • Charms & Pendants ($12.95 - $24.95)
Super Cookie Cutters ($5.49 each)
Hanging Mini Frames ($21.95) • Plus Many Other Frame Options in Stock
Red Mercury Glass Hearts ($11.95) • Milagros Heart Lockets ($14.95)
Lela Belle Murano Glass & Sterling Silver Charms ($24.95 each)
Large Variety of Stocking Stuffers for the Man in Your Life
Inlaid Wood and Stone Knives and Money Clips (Starting at $22.95)
Silver Solder Pendants and Charms (From $12.95)
Purse Mirrors ($14.95) • Tweezers ($4.95) • Keys ($7.95) • Hearts ($14.95) • Pewter Charms ($1.79)
Votive Candle Holders ($8.95 - $9.95)
Mini Easels ($4.49) • Mini Canvases ($3.49)
Tiny Treasures Beads ($5.95) • Alphabet Beads ($4.49)
Vintage Red Little Leather Library Classic Books ($10.00 each)
Clothespins with Printed Words ($3.79 per package of 5 pins)
Quality Paper Notes from France, Spain, Italy and America
VintageLetterpress Blocks ($3.00 each) • Metal Number Plates (From $1.69)
Ribbon Packages ($3.95 - $5.95)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vintage Toys and Games

Toys from bygone years have a tremendous appeal for us.  Some bring back memories of childhood, others a recollection of a simpler time, or maybe we just like them.  We have a nice selection of toys, games, children's books and gadgets both in our shop and online.  The items change frequently but here's a sampling of what is available at this time.

Candy Containers and Dispensers from the 1950s to 1970s ($28 to $45)
Victorian Table Top Croquet Set in Original Wicker Case  ($195)
Hawaiian and Indian Dolls and Wind-ups ($55 to $95)
Miniature Doll-sized Tea Sets ($139 in silver • $55 in ironstone)
Vintage Blocks, Wooden Letters, Spinning Tops and more (Starting at $1 each)
Collectible Playing Cards ($10 to $70)
Children's Games and Books (Starting at $9)
Dollhouse Miniature Tin Litho Dining Set ($58)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vintages' Holiday Open House • Nov. 6th

Save the Date ...
Vintages will hold its 
Annual Holiday Open House
on Saturday, November 6th.  

Special Offers • Refreshments • Prize Drawing

And we will be unveiling our complete 
Christmas Holiday Collection!

Come join us and have some fun and kick off the Holidays.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Santos • Carved Statues of Saints and Angels

Santo is a traditional Mexican genre of sculpture, carvings in wood or ivory of saints, angels, or other religious figures. Santo comes from the Spanish word meaning "saint".  The Spanish colonials in America carved these statues as part their own religious worship and to help convert the Native Americans to Catholicism.  Images were central to their education and understanding of the saints angels.

The early Santos were probably imitations of Spanish Baroque statues carved by priests. Later Santos were influenced by native styles, incorporating themes, dress and articles of local significance. These popular figures were found in home altars, shrines and churches.
Large standing Santo with movable arms and legs. ($325.00)
Santos are normally full figures, usually standing, but busts and half-figures on cages are not uncommon.  The figures with the cages were traditionally dressed by the local ladies with costumes to celebrate different holy days.
Santo bust atop a vintage tapestry. (Santo $79.95; Tapestry $195.00)
Originally common throughout Latin America and other areas of the world that were colonized by the Spanish and Portuguese, the tradition of Santo carving continues as a folk art in parts of New Mexico.
Decorated bottle w/rosary ($195.00), Prayer books ($45.00-245.00)
Carved hearts ($59.95 & $79.95), Jeweled heart ($45.95), Burlap bean bags ($11.95), Vintage shoe form ($19.95)
We recently added a number of Santos and other carved and religious items.  The Santos are contemporary reproductions of the traditional statues that are meticulously recreated.  We offer these in our shop, along with our selection of vintage religious medals, crosses, rosaries and prayer books. (See an earlier post about Rosaries, Prayer Books & Religious Medals).
Rosaries and Prayer books
Angels on stands ($29.95)
Standing Santo ($139.00) and Hand painted cabinet ($89.00)
Votive candle holders ($7.95 & $8.95), Jeweled heart ($45.95), Decorated crown ($65.00

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crowns • Jewelry, Decorative Accents and More

That was her crowning glory ... They were crowned champions ... The crown jewels ... The Triple Crown of horse racing ...  You complete a project with the crowning touch ... Crowns depict the pinnacle of success, the top of the line and the peak of performance.  Crowns are worn by royalty, kings and queens, while princesses and brides are adorned with tiaras.

Crown themed brooches were popular in the mid-1900s and are quite collectible today.
Vintage crown pins and pendants range from $39 to $65 each.
Silver charms on chains or ribbons create wonderful bracelets or necklaces.
Solder pendants $19.95 each including ribbon.
Crowns always make an elegant statement as an accent in interior design, whether as a table top decoration, a piece of wall art or a floor rug.
Silver & gold resin crowns $14.95 each.
Bamboo mat in a variety of designs $29.95 each.
Hand crafted projects are given that touch of royalty with miniature crown pendants and charms.
Mini crown for crafting and jewelry making $2.25 each.
At Vintages, we always carry a variety of crown-themed product.  Some of these are available online.  For others that we have, if you contact us we can send photos and descriptions of other crowns that we have in stock.
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