Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Decorative and Vintage Paper

Decorative Paper … Vintage Paper … Note Paper … Fun Paper
Vintages has it.
Vintage paper is unique, full of character and wonderful. The old paper, whether blank, written on or printed, makes an excellent background or contrast for creative work of all types. We have cards, tags and notes hand crafted using vintage papers.
We currently have a great selection of old ledgers from the 1880s onward.These not only have great handwriting on them, but the content is equally intriguing. Who paid their dues on time & who didn’t. What did they buy that week in 1888?Some of the pages are blank (just lines and columns), while others have been re-used for scrapbooking, which was as big back then as it is now.Old autograph books are a favorite of ours. These little gems contain some interesting words of wisdom … or not! Beautiful handwriting is being lost in the 21st century. Many of the entries in these books are works of calligraphic art! And the old paper has character, with its brown edges, little spots of foxing and crisp texture.We also have wonderful old music sheets from Victorian time to early 1900s songbooks and mid-20th century sheet music.Old letters, books, maps, prints and photographs are also always in stock. We have a nice selection of old German documents, French vintage books and letters written to and by Charles Crocker in the 1890s.Vintage wallpaper sheets from the 1920s through the 1960s are great paper for crafting.We carry a broad selection of contemporary paper from around the world … Italy, France, Spain, Japan and the good old USA. We have sheets, books, notes and rolls.
These decorative and vintage papers, along with our selection of new and vintage ribbons, vintage millinery flowers and feathers and other ephemera, make Vintages a must stop for crafters and paper artists.

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