Saturday, October 11, 2014

Antique Yellow Ware Bowls

Yellow Ware Bowls and other American Primitives in the front window of Vintages
Yellow ware was a staple of every family's cupboard from the mid-1800s to around 1930. While bowls were the primary item found, all types of kitchen vessels as well as decorative items were made using yellow clay. The earlier pieces were made in England, but by the mid-19th century American potters entered into production. 
Collection of Yellow Ware from Found on the Eastend
Another collection from Frog Goes to Market
Yellow ware has been highly collectible for years and we have several wonderful bowls for you here in Vintages, along with other American primitives. Take a look.

These bowls are all from the early 1900s and range from 10 inches to 14 inches in diameter. Priced from $65 each.

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