Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Renga Arts in Sebastopol

Driving down Sonoma's Gravenstein Highway south of Sebastopol the other day we spotted some bizarre and fascinating art surrounding this art shop. We just had to stop. There were space ships and trains, trucks carrying pigs and a VW bus driven by a strange couple. Around the garden were an eclectic mix of characters, animals and things!

How about a backyard party?
Conducter Patrick?
We recognized the reclaimed art sculptures as the work of Patrick Amiot and Brigitte Laurent, Sebastopol urban artists that we profiled a few years ago. Their junk art and wall reliefs are a collaborative effort of ideas and talents, jointly conceived, jointly created. Patrick sculpts and Brigitte paints.
This doesn't look like Buster Posey ... does it?
Remnants to arts
Looks like a confrontation is going to happen!
Farmer John and whoo else?
I think someone needs to kiss this frog.
Our fav ... the Three Pigs Construction Company

Back in 2010 we saw their art posted on lawns, standing in fields and parked in front of local businesses. Their art is now also on display at Renga Arts, along with the creations of owner Josef Suecs and a trove of other local artists. The shop's website explains:  

Renga Arts produces and sells art, both fine and functional, made from reclaimed, salvaged, and recycled materials. We have joined reknowned folk artist, Patrick Amiot, to create a showcase for exemplary works from the finest artists and craftspeople working with salvaged materials. 

Much of our line capitalizes on the inherent glory of used, and abused, surfaces and materials. Each has a history, a story, a past -- and at best, an intimation of soul. Other works are made of new materials, though constructed in such a way to hasten the process of positive decay.
A look out back.
Maybe this is a bit sacriligious, but it makes a statement!

The Amiot/Laurent art dominates the yard and sculpture garden. Inside are smaller objects including pianobots and vinyl record birds and ants by Suecs, nifty glass vases from Cee Glass ... or are they ink wells ... or maybe pencil holders ... they are what you want them to be, and eddy heads by 3D Edddy. There are dozens of other artists offering notes and cards, bags and purses, jewelry and whimsies.
One of Josef Suecs' Rocket Bots
Larger Pianobots by Suecs
A whole display of Pianobots
Vinyl record ants ... looking for lunch?
... and vinyl record birds flying overhead.
This is the vinyl record birds after they have been cut from the record

Cee Glass bottle top vases

3D Edddy's "Eddy Head"
The website also offers a look at a wonderful 1970s Collage Scrapbook filled with greeting cards, newspaper and magazine clippings and cartoons, jewelry catalogs, wildlife pictures, television show ads, children's books, and other everyday images. 

Stop into Renga Arts next time you are in the Sonoma wine country or in the Sebastopol apple country.  It is located at: Renga Arts, 2371 Gravenstein Hwy South, Sebastopol, CA 95472. Phone: 707.823.9407

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