Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Clock Designs from Paper Wings Studio

We just received a fresh shipment of clocks from Paper Wings Studio. We have restocked most of the sold-out designs and have added a bunch of new designs. Check out some of them below and in our online shop.

These handcrafted whimsical clocks are created at Paper Wings Studio, an artist in Vancouver, Washington. He creates these wonderful, fantastical images and uses them in clocks, plaques and more. These look great on a desk, chest or bookshelf. Use one in the kitchen, in your office or hanging in the bathroom ... to keep you on time! Super gift for Fathers' Day (which is Sunday, June 15th) or for graduation. Bring one to the next housewarming party or open house, as a thank you for dinner or BBQ, or just because...

We sell these clocks for $36.95 (battery included). They can hang on the wall or you can purchase a nifty little clock stand for $1.95.

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