Saturday, February 25, 2012

Original Folk Art Reycled Metal Banks by Aaron Voigt

Aaron Voigt started working in his father's home shop at an early age. By his teenage years he was making furniture and elaborate art pieces. Since then he has graduated to creating his own unique designs. In Aaron's own words:
I find my current materials of choice in a city full of industrial, electronic and military manufacturing history. With items sourced from such diverse products as old manufacturing machines, aircraft, cars, household fixtures and who knows what, my robots come alive with the history of the donor machine parts. ... My parts are found hiding out in junk yards, old business, yard sales, friends garages and swap meets. The endless hunt for these parts brings me to some very interesting places full of even more interesting people all the time.

We have some of Voigt's folk art metal banks. Wonderful. Whimsical. A perfect place for all those coins you get in change.

These banks are available in our online shop and in our Los Gatos shop as well. The small size that we have in stock is $115.00 each.

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