Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Game Boards

Years ago one of the most popular card games was Tripoli (aka Michigan Rummy). While you could buy a game box with everything in it from the likes of Milton Bradley, the lucky ones among us had Dads that made the boards themselves. Susan's Dad, Mike, made a Tripoli game board from a plywood panel reclaimed from a used crate. It really is cool! And we still have it. Take a look.
Mike's hand made Tripoli game circa 1950s
Here at Vintages we have a small selection of game boards. Some are new, some handmade, others are reproductions. But all of them are great and they are our featured product for August. Note: These are not listed online, but if you contact us, we will send further information.
Handmade Folk Art Checker Board by Peg St. Pierre 1994 ($98)
Handmade Folk Art Parchessi Board by Peg St. Pierre 1994 ($98)
Reproduction Tic-Tac-Toe Board ($59.95)
Reproduction Parchessi Board ($59.95)
Reproduction Ring Toss Board ($59.95)
Handmade Chinese Checkers Game Board ($89)
Artist created Spinning Game Wheel ($295)

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