Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jewelry for the Man in Your Life

All too often when we think of jewelry, we think of ladies. But here at Vintages we have not forgotten jewelry for men. The well dressed gentleman sports a variety of adornments from rings and cuff links to tie pins and bracelets. We have a nice variety of all of these items, and more ...
This photo of Benjamin Shambaugh (Founder of the Organization of American Historians) shows the well-dressed man of the early 1900s. He has a tie pin and a French cuff shirt with cuff links. (Photo from our files.)
Two late-Victorian gentlemen. The one on the left is wearing both a tie pin and a tie bar. The man on the right has a watch chain attached to the middle button of his vest.
The Victorian gentleman had many jewelry items from which to choose. We have a collection of watch chains, tie pins and cuff links from the period.
Watch chains made from a variety of metals ($18 to $69 each)
Tie pins or stickpins from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These range in price from $18 to $95, depending on the metal and stone in the design.
A collection of Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco and Mid-century Modern cuff links (from $42 each)
Tie bars and clasps, rings and cuff links from the mid-20th century are also in our inventory.
Tie bars or clasps (Clockwise from top left: Sterling & gold boot $69; 14k gold & jade $95; Swank cameo $28; Gold-filled picture agate $65)
A selection of men's sized rings in gold and silver with a variety of stones.
See our selection of silver cigarette cases and other accessories.
Sterling silver cigarette cases. L: c1910 Edwardian silver case ($145); R: c1900 Russian Art Nouveau silver case ($496)
In a contemporary vein, we have handcrafted and recent estate pieces, including money clips, key chain knives, belt buckles and gold and silver bracelets.
A collection of key chain folding knives from Santa Fe Stoneworks (from $65 to $75 each)
A selection of money clips, both new hand crafted and vintage (from $22)
One of our bracelets for men. This one is 14k gold with a nugget link design ($2250)
You can view most of the above pieces and more on our online antique shopping site: Vintages on Trocadero.

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