Saturday, August 7, 2010

Crowns • Jewelry, Decorative Accents and More

That was her crowning glory ... They were crowned champions ... The crown jewels ... The Triple Crown of horse racing ...  You complete a project with the crowning touch ... Crowns depict the pinnacle of success, the top of the line and the peak of performance.  Crowns are worn by royalty, kings and queens, while princesses and brides are adorned with tiaras.

Crown themed brooches were popular in the mid-1900s and are quite collectible today.
Vintage crown pins and pendants range from $39 to $65 each.
Silver charms on chains or ribbons create wonderful bracelets or necklaces.
Solder pendants $19.95 each including ribbon.
Crowns always make an elegant statement as an accent in interior design, whether as a table top decoration, a piece of wall art or a floor rug.
Silver & gold resin crowns $14.95 each.
Bamboo mat in a variety of designs $29.95 each.
Hand crafted projects are given that touch of royalty with miniature crown pendants and charms.
Mini crown for crafting and jewelry making $2.25 each.
At Vintages, we always carry a variety of crown-themed product.  Some of these are available online.  For others that we have, if you contact us we can send photos and descriptions of other crowns that we have in stock.

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