Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hand Made Olive Rose Dolls and V. Originals Plaques and Signs

We have added some wonderful hand made products from a number of talented American artists.  This month we want to feature the hand crafted fabric dolls from Olive Rose and hand painted artistic plaques and signs from V. Originals.

Olive Rose tells her story ... Art has always been a part of my life. My father was an amateur cartoonist and illustrator, so I spent many nights at his drafting table, coloring along. My grandmother helped me create my first hand-stitched doll dress, and the muse was unleashed. Variations of that design appear in my work today. Noticing my interest, my parents presented me with a sewing machine for my 13th birthday. I immediately set about creating my own wardrobe, and that of my Barbie doll's as well... this eventually led to design school.

My life has taken many paths - freelance designer, tailor, collage and mixed media artist. I still do what I love, and continue to explore creative paths. My collage and mixed media work has appeared in many magazine publications and books.  My life is still blessed...

We have several of Olive Rose's creations at Vintages.   Maybelle is an angel ... literally.  She has nifty wings decorated with old paper, sheet music and stamps.  Her sheer polka dot dress is fluffed up with tulle petticoats and lace bloomers.  She holds a heart in her hands.  Sweet!

Lovey is an angel too.  She flies with sparkling wings and holds a heart with a love banner.  Her primitive dress is white-washed and has lace trim.  She is a real sweetheart.

These Halloween Puppets are festive and fun.  Truly reminiscent of days gone by, kind of like the old jester wands.  And Skelly, the little skeleton doll, is quite the character!

This Big Red Santa
wears a red suit and hat with hand-stitched trim and dark pants.  His vintage quilt bag is stuffed with greenery, a Christmas card and a cookie cutter.

V. Originals is the combined effort of some self described Hot Chicks from Atlanta painting pretty pictures and doing what they love, while loving what they do.  Each piece is hand-worked, hand-painted and individually detailed…with love. We are well stocked with love bird wooden signs,  painted wood blocks with snippets of sage advice and plaques with whimsical dogs and cats.
Many of these items are on our online shopping site.  Please visit our online shop, or come on in to our shop in Los Gatos.

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