Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Goodie Bags and Paper Straws

It seems like we always have a need for little bags for goodies, popcorn or snacks ... and paper straws bring back loads of memories of milk shakes and ice cream sodas at the fountain in Woolworth's. We have them both! But don't stop at popcorn and sodas. Try using these paper gems in crafts, as gift bags, as part of table decorations, or just to jazz things up at a picnic.
Colorful Paper Bags in stripes, dots and chevrons (5"x7") $7.95 for a package of 24
Paper Straws in stripes, dots and hearts (7 3/4") $6.95 for a package of 25
Use these with baker's twine, washi tape, pretty ribbons, paper flowers and colorful paper ... and we have all that stuff too!

Great for picnics, tailgates, BBQs ... anytime you want to have fun!
Try making some flags or hearts to put on the straws
We pulled these ideas off the internet
Great Spring colors!
To top it all off, these bags and straws are made in the good old USA! Just another product we keep local.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Metal Letter Magnets

These metal letters are just a whirl of color. They are handmade locally of a thick gauge metal. Each letter is painted and has a magnet on the back, so these can be used as magnets or standalone letters. Use them in craft projects, to mark metal storage bins, to hold up photos on the fridge, or to spell out love messages. Typical size is about 1-1/2 inches tall. Colorful. Practical. Fun!

Metal Letter Magnets • $4.95 each
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