Monday, July 23, 2012

Craftsman Tile from Janet Ontko

Janet Ontko is inspired by the simplicity and style of the Craftsman Movement: the honesty of the materials, the look of the clay, the touch of the potter. The return to the craft tradition compelled Janet to develop her own signature style.  We love her tiles and have offered them here at Vintages and online for several years. 

Decorative Clay Tiles • Here in tan and heather glazes • $45.95 each
Welcome Clay Tiles • Here in white and heather glazes • $49.95 each
Inspirational Word Tiles • $29.95 each
Janet explains her inspiration and methods:
My inspiration for creating these clay forms comes from my love of nature and nostalgia for vintage ceramic styles.  I've worked with clay all of my life and enjoy interpreting nature's details creatively.  By combining the two together, I have designed a distinct ceramic form for home and garden.  Each clay form is handmade using century-old techniques.  Glazed and kiln fired, they vary slightly in design and appearance making each one unique.
Janet attended CSU Fresno and has worked with a number of Fresno artists. Her studios are still in the central valley town of Fresno. She enjoys collecting vintage American art pottery and working in her garden and fishpond, drawing inspiration and relaxation from nature and art.
The incredible glazes created by Janet are translucent, as were the glazes of the great American art potteries of the early 1900s. These tiles are equally suited for hanging on the wall, setting on a table top, or attached to an inside backsplash or an outside wall to welcome your guests at your front door.
We hope you enjoy her work as much as we do.  Please peruse our shop site or drop by our store to see more of Janet's tiles.  And if we do not have the design or glaze you want, we will be happy to place a special order for you.

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