Sunday, May 1, 2011

Handcrafted Tags, Cards and Notes

Hand made tags by Susan (from 99c each)
Hallmark cards are fine, but when you want to say something special, carefully handcrafted cards are the right touch. Whether you make it yourself or get one from a local artist, it is still special. We carry a number of cards, tags and notes crafted by local artists and individual crafts-people from around the country. While some of these are made in multiples, most are one-of-a-kind creations. We also have lots of ephemera, special paper, images and crafting accessories to help you make your own. Take a look -- we do not have many of these pieces available online. So come in to the shop, or send us an email and we can send photos and details.
Glittered Tags ($7.95 each)
Glittered Letter and Crown Tags ($6.95 and $7.95 each)
Packets of Ephemera, Great "Card" for a Crafter ($12.95 each)
Hand made Tags by Susan ($2.95 to $3.95 each)
Cards and Tags by Susan (from 99c each)
We have a number of very special hand crafted tags by Tricia's Ribbons and Fine Things. These are large enough to be cards or works of art and each has a removable tag in an envelope on the back.  All are one-of-a-kind creations.
Selection of Tricia's Tags ($12.95 each)
Tricia's Tag showing envelope on the back.
A few more of Tricia's Tags ($12.95 each)
This is a stationery box, hand crafted and selected by Tricia. It's like an ephemera fantasy. ($89 with all the contents)
The selection of decorative paper and ephemera at Vintages is excellent. We have everything from hand made paper to crafting accessories to artist transfer paper to ephemera packets filled with doo-dads and treasures. All so you can make your own card, tag or note.

Several years ago we acquired these hand made bridge tallies. These are from the 1950s or so. Alas, these are from our personal collection and are not for sale. But you can drop in and check them out in the shop.

Emerald: May's Birthstone

Emerald green ... darker than the new green leaves of spring and the lovely apples of fall ... a gorgeous, rich, velvety green that captivates and allures. Emeralds have been considered special since ancient times. Top quality emeralds can be more valuable than diamonds, and definitely more scarce. While emeralds have been found in many places around the globe, today's finest emeralds come from the mines of Colombia.

Emerald is a fairly hard, but brittle stone. Unlike diamonds, emeralds are rarely ever free of inclusions and fissures. In fact, these defects form the famed jardin of an emerald when looked at under low power magnification. To conceal the fissures, almost all emeralds are impregnated with oil. Such treatment is not considered a detriment to the value of the gem.
Here's a good look at the emerald jardin under two different magnifications. Photo courtesy of All About Gemstones, an excellent website for research about gems, their structure, origin and history.
One beautiful aspect of emeralds is that many have been expertly carved through the years. These carved specimens create a genre of jewelry beyond the beautiful faceted gems that we normally see.
Cartier Pin with a Carved Emerald Gem (1920s)
Alas, we have just a few pieces of emerald jewelry here at Vintages. While we have many items with lovely light green peridots and several with emerald green glass or crystal, all beautiful in their own right, but still not emeralds. Jewelry with exotics green jade and classic chrysoprase are also wonderful, whether carved or left as cabochons. But emerald jewelry is a class unto itself. Here is some of the emerald jewelry that we have at this time.
Emerald & Diamond Pendant in 14K Setting and Chain ($145)
Edwardian Gold-filled Brooch with Emerald ($95)
Emerald & Diamond Ring in 14K Gold Setting ($295)
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