Friday, December 31, 2010

Magnifying Glasses

Desk Set $69.95
These aren't just your Dad's magnifiers. We have a large selection of magnifying glasses, including some nice sets for the desktop. These are great gifts because they are decorative as well as useful. Stamp collectors, entomologists, librarians, autograph hounds, miniature book collectors, cartographers, and just folks who need help seeing all use magnifying glasses.  We have bone and horn handled magnifiers, lenses with vintage beads to hang like a necklace, and desk sets as well.
Magnifiers L to R: $43.95 • $32.95 • $43.95
Letter Opener & Magnifier Set $49.95 • Compasses $23.95 to $26.95 each
Telescope in Box $43.95
Magnifier, Compass & Telescope in Box $75.95
Magnifying Glasses $32.95 each
These smaller Magnifiers are easy to hold $43.95 each
Unique Optical Lens Magnifiers with Vintage Beads & Ribbon $19.95 each
Limoges Porcelain Box with Magnifier on Book $212.00
This Magnifying Glass has a Hand Carved Horn Fish Handle $39.95
Some of these are available online, but most are only available in the shop. But feel free to contact us about any of these, as we can ship anywhere for you.
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