Friday, May 15, 2009

Birds, Birds, Birds

This Spring we have seen more birds than normal around our house. Why? Don't know. But we love it! The bird feeder is filled with mountain finches, nuthatches and titmouses. The quail and doves wander our backyard and red capped woodpeckers hammer away at the gnarly old trees in the park behind our yard.

In the shop we have accumulated a nice variety of birds in many shapes, sizes and materials.

We love paper, so we have some bright and beautiful bird themed decorative papers, vintage bird prints and journals.
For the garden and patio, we found these sleek wooden birds that stand high on metal rods that are anchored by a natural rocks. And these wire sculpted birds are equally happy inside or outside.
Birds look best in natural settings. Check out these handmade bird decorations.
The vanity and walls are not forgotten, as we have these wonderful vanity items - jewelry holder, vanity mirror and tray - with a cute little bird perched on them. We also have some glass & metal shelves, magazine racks and wall hooks with birds as well.
To hang pictures, mirrors and the like, or just to use as drawer pulls, we offer these sparkling enamel and rhinestone birds and fleur d'lis.
I am sure there are more birds ... so come on in and check them out. Or contact us via email or telephone. We are here to help you find birds ... and other interesting items.
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